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Rebecca Knapcek

(Naturopath/Massage Therapist)

RebeccaImage  BHSc-Naturopathy

Massage Therapy Certificate

Rebecca has always had a passion for people’s health and chose her career path because of this, allowing her to help people through Naturopathy.  She studied for her four year degree in Bachelor of Health Science- Naturopathy and certificate as a Massage Therapist at The Southern School of Natural Therapies, and has been a qualified and registered Naturopath with the Australian Naturopathic Practitioner Association since 2001.   She loves to work with all ages and enjoys the reward of seeing people improve their health by making “life changing” choices and decisions.

Rebecca began her Naturopathic career in pharmacy and health food shops, and from there has started her own clinic called Rebecca’s Natural Health Care, which has now been up and running since 2005.    Within the clinic Rebecca focuses are on childhood health and family wellness.  The clinic has a fantastic set up, which is convenient to the community.

Rebecca’s aim as a naturopath is to help provide families with effective alternative healthy treatment options for illness.  Rebecca is efficiently trained and keeps up to date by attending a number of seminars and courses throughout the year covering treatment methods including:

  • Homeopathic remedies (heel, reckeweg, single and compound remedies)
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Iridology (iris readings)
  • Relaxation Massage

During  2009 Rebecca was able to take her clinic to a new level by completing further education.  This further study has help improve Rebecca’s knowledge of disease patterns or disturbances within her client’s body, therefore allowing individual treatment programs to be more effective.

By completing the extra education this allowed Rebecca to launch the clinic’s successful Ketoslim Club and Wellness Programs.  From the extra knowledge and understanding that Rebecca gained from furthering her education she has now completely run three successful Ketoslim Club programs and is intending on running a fourth, and has many existing and new clients entering and maintaining wellness programs. 

Rachel Hogan

(Receptionist/ Technician)

Rachel has been working as the Receptionist for Rebecca’s Natural Health Care since 2008.  She enjoys working with, and helping other people.  Since working at this clinic she has learnt an enormous amount and has become increasingly interested in health.   Rachel has a young family, and is aware of the need to keep a family fit and healthy.  Together, Rachel and her family enjoy an active (and very busy) lifestyle.  

If there is any way Rachel can help, she currently attends the office on:

  • Thursday’s from 9.30am – 2.30pm