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Massage therapy is one of the oldest and simplest of the healing arts.  Unconsciously on a daily basis we employ massage techniques, because the desire and need to touch, and the action of touching is instinctive.

There are extensive benefits both physical and psychological from regular or occasional massage therapy.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Relaxation of the central nervous system, and therefore calms the mind
  • Soothes tight, tense or overworked  muscles
  • Reduces stress and helps the bodies adaptation to stress
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Improves circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid
  • Increases healing and helps to soften skin where scar tissue has formed
  • Increases energy levels
  • Breaks down fibrous tissue around joints
  • Prepare healthy muscle for demanding activity and aids recovery from physical activity
  • Soothes emotions and relaxes the thought process

Massage sessions offered at Rebecca’s Natural Health Care can either be 30 minutes (1/2 body), or 60 minutes (full body).  The type of massage technique used is mainly based on Swedish massage with the use of deep tissue, connective tissue, foot reflexology and bowen therapy as indicated.

Rebecca’s Natural Health Care offers a relaxing, quiet, warm and comfortable environment for you to have your massage.  Full case and massage history is taken at your first consultation, then followed by your massage treatment.

At Rebecca’s Natural Health Care we also offer Stress relief Massage session (45 minute session).  These include the use of essential oil blends combined with our professional massage oil.  Essential oil blends will be combined to attend to your needs and desires.  At Rebecca’s Natural Health Care we provide gift vouchers for our massage sessions.  These gift vouchers would be suitable as a gift for your mother, wife, girlfriend etc.. as a special gift or just to show them that you care.